Creativity is a response to scarcity. There would be nothing to create if something wasn’t missing. We create out of a need for truth. We create out of our need to be free.

All over the world, our people are driving culture. Our people, who have waded in the water. Who created a culture out of the void. The have-nots who have nothing to lose.

We flow everywhere we go. We took the bones of jazz, blues and bebo to birth hip-hop. We took the sounds of disco and made our funk, made our R&B, made our house.

When we find our flow, we can create something extraordinary out of nothing. Through our creativity, we find our freedom. Through our pain, we fight for our Black liberation. Our community is inclusive of all—making everything we do Black and beautiful.

Frank White honors this legacy of creativity. We are dismantling oppressive structures, frameworks, and beliefs. We are the counterculture: the colonized, occupied, oppressed, and suppressed. Turning our dreams deferred into Black gold.

The foundation we need to elevate every voice starts today. It starts now, and it starts with you. It starts with us. Be Noble.


We are a purpose driven, health, wellness and performance company, we create premium products and experiences that celebrate Black culture and help you connect to the flow state aka the” Zone".

Our aim is to empower you to embrace your passion and purpose, and find your flow.

Founded by CJ Wallace  Willie Mack & Todd Russaw Frank White takes its name from one of CJ’s father, Christopher “The Notorious BIG” Wallace  aliases. 

Frank White isn’t a lifestyle brand, but a way of life. 

We live by a code: Be Noble.

Sales from Frank White products support Think BIG’s advocacy  and social justice activities.  Think BIG is a leading social movement that fights for global cannabis and hemp legalization, police and criminal justice reform, and economic reinvestment into the communities most harmed by cannabis prohibition. Learn more