Creativity is a response to scarcity. There would be nothing to create if something wasn’t missing. We create out of a need for truth. We create out of our need to be free.

All over the world, our people are driving culture. Our people, who have waded in the water. Who created a culture out of the void. The have-nots who have nothing to lose.

We flow everywhere we go. We took the bones of jazz, blues and bebo to birth hip-hop. We took the sounds of disco and made our funk, made our R&B, made our house.

When we find our flow, we can create something extraordinary out of nothing. Through our creativity, we find our freedom. Through our pain, we fight for our Black liberation. Our community is inclusive of all—making everything we do Black and beautiful.

Frank White honors this legacy of creativity. We are dismantling oppressive structures, frameworks, and beliefs. We are the counterculture: the colonized, occupied, oppressed, and suppressed. Turning our dreams deferred into Black gold.

The foundation we need to elevate every voice starts today. It starts now, and it starts with you. It starts with us. Be Noble.


An everyday struggle to build your legacy came from the bottom, respect the energy latchkey kids, we said no to drugs giving back to those who ain’t have nonewith flow for days inside this purple haze while the law is trying to keep us in a maze so be noble and embrace your flaws and drink out of GRAMMYS with paper straws look at us now, we went from slave chains to bitcoin and Robinhood stock trades.

Fist full of dollars, pockets full of rubber bands and we still using proper pronouns on the ‘Gram we do this for the colonized and oppressed for George Floyd before he took his last breath we do it for the trenches, for the project benches for liberation and for freedom of expression showing and proving no matter where we play


Modeled as a creative service agency, our projects teach design thinking, art, multimedia, tech and communication skills to give young people the technical and leadership tools they need to compete in the innovation economy and to be leaders in their community. YDC offers studios and mentorship in printmaking, fine arts, spatial and product design, fabrication, photography, coding, graphic design, video and animation. Design mentors collaborate with youth on projects that add value to their community as well as client commissioned creative projects.